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A New Collection by BreadTalk - The He(art) of BreadTalk

BreadTalk has been serving a variety of baked goods in Singapore for close to 20 years and is a name that is familiar to Singaporeans of all ages.

Recently, other than opening a new concept store at Wheelock Place, they have also introduced a range of bread featuring art pieces to reflect the era of today.

1. Bread

- Mr Cheese P (top left)

This potato looking bread is made using cream toast dough, so the texture is springy and soft, similar to a potato. The filling consists of potato, smoked bacon and shredded gouda cheese which tasted soft, dense and flavourful. Perfect for breakfast!

There is a spicy version one too (bottom left) which is same as Mr Cheese P, but spicy.

- Seafood Laksa (top right)

Filled with seafood laksa filling that consists of fish cakes and prawns, this bread is not only spicy, but super flavourful. It does not taste exactly like laksa that has a coconuty flavour, but similar.

Love that it is topped with a dried fish fillet that gives the soft bun an extra crunch.

- Pol-Kabocha (yellow one)

Inspired by Yayoi Kusama, this cute pumpkin bun tasted as good as it looks. It is filled with pumpkin paste that is combined with charcoal powder and sesame. The texture is soft & dense while the flavour is mildly sweet with nice pumpkin fragrant. Super love this!

- Truffle Tower (refer to the tower bread in the first pic)

Chocolate layered croissant made into a shape of a tower and filled with truffle mousse. I love the truffle mousse which is very fragrant. But as this is to be eaten chilled, I feel that the texture of the croissant is not as crispy as it could have been.

2. Sandwiches

- Truffles Crepe Sand

Truffle paste and egg crepe kiap between soft white bread. Simple, but absolutely delicious.

The egg crepe is folded to multiple layers, giving a nice texture to the sandwich. The truffle paste is like a super fragrant butter, smooth and goes damn good with the bread.

- Strawberry Sand

This strawberry sandwich may look simple, but there is so much more to it. It consists of a mix of fresh strawberry, frozen strawberry and strawberry jam which gives a nice balance of sweet & sour flavour that you get from a regular strawberry.

It is also layered with butter cream and dark chocolate crisp, giving the sandwich an additional smooth and crispy texture.

3. Cookies

There are 5 different flavours - Milk Chocolate Walnut, Red Velvet White Chocolate, Double Chocolate Macadamia, Oat Raisin Mixed Nut and Matcha White Chocolate.

They are the big, soft cookies that are moist in the centre and slightly crispy around the edges. Of all the flavours, the most unique one is the Matcha White Chocolate cookie. If you look carefully, you will notice that there is a big white piece of candy looking thing in the centre. It is White Rabbit Creamy Candy!

The matcha cookie is made slightly bitter, so when it is paired with the sweet white rabbit creamy candy and white chocolate, the sweetness is just right. Love it!

4. Pretty Pink

This beautiful cake is inspired by French Pierre Herme's classic Lychee Rose Macaron flavour. The soft sponge cake pairs well with the light and fragrant lychee rose flavour.

Thank you BreadTalk and The Good Folks for having me at your virtual media tasting!

Thank you to the bubbly 20-year-old Xixi for hosting the session :)

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