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Bincho at Hua Bee- Japanese restaurant in a coffeeshop

Bincho is a Yakitori Restaurant by Chef Asai Masashi, located at Tiong Bahru and Dempsey Road. Decided to visit and try their super delicious looking Unagi Claypot Rice which I saw on Instagram, and it surely did not disappoint.

It is not my first time visiting Bincho at Hua Bee (came here for lunch before), but I still forgot that the entrance is at the back, from the carpark side. It feels like you're sneaking into a secret restaurant.

The first half of the restaurant is narrow af, but as you walk in, you will realise that this is very different from a regular restaurant. The bigger dining area is located in a traditional coffeeshop which sells noodles & kopi during the day. But at night, they decorate the place and make it fancy for the restaurant business.

1. Unagi Claypot Rice - $68 (for 2 pax)

Shared this unagi claypot rice with a friend, but I should have ordered one just for myself. It tasted soooooo good! Thick, soft unagi with warm rice that are evenly coated with a sweet & savoury sauce - similar to unagi sauce, but thinner and oilier. The flavour is rich, but not heavy - makes you want to continue eating and and eating, and order another one for supper.

The only downside is that there isn't any crispy burnt rice at the bottom, so it feels like just a very tasty unagi don. I did see some posts saying that there are crispy burnt bits at the bottom. Maybe I'm just unlucky bah? LOL.

You can eat this by itself, with some condiments or with the dashi stock. Personally I prefer to have it with some seaweed and wasabi, which adds additional flavours to it. Do note that this takes about 20 - 30min to prepare.

2. Mentai Wings (2pcs) - $15

Usually mentai flavoured dishes are just covered with mentai sauce on the outside. But not these delicious mentai wings.

The wings are deboned and stuffed with mentai. It is easy to eat and you can really taste the mentai and chicken flavour coming together. Amazing!

3. Tsukune with Egg Yolk - $18

Tsukune are japanese meatballs. Here at Bincho, they make it into a burger patty form. It may sound ordinary, but this is definitely not your normal fast food burger patty. It is super tender and goes very well with the savoury sauce and egg yolk. Should have ordered another bowl of white rice to eat this with.

4. Grilled Eringi Mushroom - $10, Grilled Shitake Mushroom - $10

They also serve other items such as seasonal vegetables, salads and seafood. Tried their mushrooms and although they tasted good, I think I will go for other yakitori items with the $20 next time. Haha.


Bincho at Hua Bee: 78 Moh Guan Terrace, #01-19, Singapore 162078

Bincho at Min Jiang: 7A &, 7B Dempsey Rd, 249684

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