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Christmas at Cicada Clarke Quay

Located in the heart of Clarke Quay, Cicada is a restaurant that serves modern Asian cuisine, cocktails and desserts. They have just launched their Christmas Festive Menu and I'm really pretty impressed with the food.


1. Truffled Honey Edamame with Crispy Chicken Skin

I love edamame and I'm surprised at how well it goes with truffled honey flavour. I feel that the crispy chicken skin is a nice addition, but need a bit more cause I can't really taste much of the chicken skin.

2. Cicada Fried Chicken (CFC) with Panko Crumbs, Mirin Boneless Chicken, Soy Sauce.

The chicken is very nicely fried - juicy and tender. Goes well with the sauce too.


3. Roasted Turkey Breast Roulade with Garden Root Vegetables, Roasted Sweet Potatoes, Cranberry Sauce

I'm not a fan of turkey cause they are usually very dry, especially the breast portion. But this turkey breast roulade is super tender. Love it. The overall flavour is slightly sweet, probably cause of the cranberry sauce, which somehow reminds me of Yong Tau Foo. LOL. Not in a bad way though.

4. Char-grilled USDA Ribeye 250g with Rosemary Ratte Potatoes, Arugula Salad, Yuzu Kosho Soy

The Ribeye is nicely grilled and tasted good, but the star of this dish is the yuzu kosho soy sauce - slightly spicy & salty, goes very well with the ribeye, but does not overpower it.


5. Hazelnut Yule Log

Frozen hazelnut parfait topped with hazelnut crunchy and served with morello cherry compote. The hazelnut flavour is very strong and tasted like a frozen Ferrero Rocher. I like.

6. Cicada's Chendol

Coconut mousse with stewed red beans, chendol strips and attap seeds, drizzled with gula melaka. A modern twist to a traditional dessert that is presented beautifully.

The Festive Sharing Menu is available from 1 Dec to 30 Dec (except PH and eve of PH)

Thank you very much for having me Cicada! :)


3 River Valley Road #01-10, Clarke Quay Blk C

Opens Everyday, 4pm-11pm on Mon-Thurs, and 3pm-11pm on Fri-Sun

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Instagram: #dineatCicada #EnvyHospitality

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