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Come take a trip to BreadTalk's Christmas Town!

Ho ho ho! It's the time of the year again and BreadTalk has introduced a range of confectionery for the festive season, available from 11 November to 25 December 2019.

1. Log Cakes

It's wouldn't be a Christmas without Yule Log cakes. This year, you can enjoy 2 variety of log cake from BreadTalk - Rosy Berry Snow Log (left) & Nutty Valrhona Log (right).

Red sponge cake & raspberry mousse wrapped around the creamy Hokkaido snow white roll, the Rosy Berry Snow log ($46.80) has a nice berry, sour taste and is a great alternative for those who not not a fan of chocolate.

The Nutty Valrhona Log ($46.80) is a chocolate chiffon cake rolled between layers of 55% chocolate mousse and pistachio cheese mousse infused with candied orange. Coating the cake is a sea salt ganache made with 64% Valrhona chocolate. I love dark chocolate and I love pistachio. So the Nutty Valrhona Log is really the perfect log cake for me.

2. Seasonal cakes

Other than log cakes, BreadTalk has introduced other cakes that are super Christmas-y as well.

The snow globe looking Berry Bubble ($19.80) consists of fluffy vanilla chiffon, strawberry Chantilly cheese cream, strawberry jam and white chocolate Crispearls held in a spherical capsule. Super cute!

The 8-inch Santa's Cottage ($46.80) is a classic black forest cake

while the 6-inch Stumped on Chocolate ($46.80) is made with 64% Valrhona chocolate with crunch hazelnut feuilletine layer. Both are great for a small group party.

3. Breads

It's BreadTalk so of course there will be Christmas breads!

The Nutty Ring-A-Ding ($2.20) combines a mix of walnuts, almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds with soft brioche ring dough. With the amount of nuts, you can imagine the crunchy & soft texture in every bite.

Chicky Yule Crust ($2.20) that looks like a Christmas tree (or pizza) consists of smoked chicken breast, shredded cheddar cheese & brocolli on a flaky croissant dough. It tasted buttery, sweet & savoury. Not bad!

Jolly Candy Cane ($2.20) is a dough bun filled with raisin custard cream. You may think that the colour is from artificial food colouring, but no. It is actually from dragonfruit!

Last but not least is the Merry-Go-Round ($2.20) - bun made with the intertwining of 3 doughs - soft french, pink soft euro and spinach natural year dough filled with cranberry cream cheese. Not sure about you but I really love how the 3 colours come together.

Other than the above, you can also enjoy an assortment of festive donuts and cookies!

Christmas promotions you don't want to miss!

i. Early Bird Promotion: Pre-order Christmas cakes & receive a $8 voucher (11 Nov - 15 Dec 2019)

ii. Christmas Sliced cakes: 2 for $9 (15 Nov - 15 Dec 2019)

iii. Gift a Log Cake: $46.80 per voucher (15 Nov - 15 Dec 2019)

iv.. Christmas Breads: 2 for $4 (11 Nov - 25 Dec 2019)

v. Christmas Donuts: 3 for $5 (11 Nov - 25 Dec 2019)

vi. Gingerbread Cottage: $2 with any purchase (18 Nov - 25 Dec 2019)

For more information on the promotions, visit

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Thank you Asia PR Werkz and BreadTalk for having me

at the BreadTalk's Christmas Town Party! #BreadTalkChristmasTown #BreadTalkSG

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