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Crabs with Oreos?! – Innovative dishes by Happiness Seafood #FoodMakesCalHappy

Happiness Seafood is the latest brainchild of Ben Soon, the managing director of Uncle Leong Signatures, the restaurant which has won numerous awards and gained loyal followings in Asia, and is now a household name in Singapore.

Happiness Seafood prides itself on offering Singapore-fusion Chinese dishes in a family-oriented setting. The restaurant is not super big but does have quite a lot of tables to fit different group sizes. Nicely decorated with an ocean theme and photos of their signature dishes + Ben’s family photo, the whole feel of the restaurant is indeed very homely.

Drawing inspiration from Uncle Leong Signatures, Happiness Seafood offers not only familiar Asian dishes, it also offers innovative and distinctive dishes such as mala crab, Oreo butter crab and Salted Egg Lotus Root.

1. 五福拼盤 traditional combination platter S $88 L $128

This is a pretty common dish in Chinese restaurant and Tze Char, especially during weddings of Chinese festivities. A platter with 5 different dishes to choose from, there is definitely something for everyone.

My favourite got to be the Sunksit pork ribs. This orange-citrusy pork ribs tasted savoury with a pretty strong orange flavour that goes well with the pork. Love the combination.

2. 三黄苋菜 Chinese Spinach with Eggs from $12.80 onwards

This is one of my favourite Chinese veggie dishes. Spinach is cooked with 3 different kind of eggs – chicken egg, salted egg and century egg, and presented in a rather soupy manner.

The different egg flavour blends in nicely together and when eaten together with the super soft spinach, it is just so comforting. Plus, the zap or soup is clear but contains so much of

that veggie sweetness.

3. 咸蛋蓮藕 Salted Egg Lotus Root from $11.80 onwards

We have heard of salted egg chicken, salted egg potato chips, salted egg fish skin and so on. But salted egg lotus root?! That is a first for me.

Similar to chips, it is crispy but slightly thicker – which is nice cause there is more bite to it. Together with salted egg, it is just so addictive that you really got to stop yourself from finishing it all.

4. 招牌河粉 signature hor fun from $10 onwards

Not sure if you have noticed but the sauce of this hor fun is much darker as compared to a normal hor fun, which makes sense cause it tasted slightly thicker and also stronger in flavour.

I like the strong flavour, but what I love about it is that it is SPICY! Yes, spicy. I am a typical Singaporean who loves my chilli so this hor fun is just shiok for me.

5. 麻辣螃蟹mala crab $76.50 900g

Of course, how can one forget about crabs when eating seafood. Mala crab is one of the innovative dishes by Ben. I love mala and I love seafood, so my review for this dish is going to be slight bias. Ahahahaha.

But if I have 1 thing to request for, would be that the mala flavour be stronger. Hehe.

6. 奧利奧牛油螃蟹 Oreo butter crab $76.50 900g

Before you go ewwwwwww or yucksssss or what the hell, CHILL! Oreo with crab is definitely not something you see everyday, but you got to admit that this is an innovative and unique idea right? Plus guess what? IT IS GOOD!

The oreo does add some of the cookie + cream taste to the dish, but together with the buttery flavour, it does work well with crabs. I like.

Try it with an open heart. You may end up liking it too :)

7. 芋泥 Yam paste $3/serving

As what a greedy Calvin would say, one should always end a meal with a sweet note. Being a Teochew, Yam paste is the perfect dessert for me. The sweet yam flavour is just awesome!

But this is a little bit too sweet for me la. Haha. Or maybe age is just catching up on me.

Overall, the dishes at Happiness Seafood are great and it is a great place for family dinner :)


27 Geylang Lorong 13 Singapore 388670

For reservations, call 6741 1141

Nearest MRT



Available on Deliveroo, Food Panda and Grab Food

Opening Hours

Daily, 12pm – 12am

Social Media

IG: @ happinessseafood_sg

Thank you Cathy (IG: @foodilicious_diva) for the invite. Thank you Happiness Seafood and Popstarmedia for having us! :)

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