• Calvin Lee

I am starting a food blog!

Hi everyone! I'm Calvin and like my handle suggests, food makes me happy :)

I started sharing food reviews on Instagram @FoodMakesCalHappy since 2017 and have since enjoyed sharing about food I love (see #FoodMakesCalHappy); also (being honest) about food that I will never eat again (#FoodMakesCalSad).

However Instagram being Instagram, can only allow me to share that much of my love/hate for food. Therefore I am starting this blog to share more about the many places and food offerings I will be experiencing in the near future.

Hope you enjoy reading my posts and may they make you hungry and happy like I always am! :)

I am still new into blogging so do let me know if your have any feedback or any food places that you will like me to visit. You can do so via contact or e-mail me at

#FoodMakesCalHappy #FoodMakesCalSad

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