• Calvin Lee

Impress your guests & family members with New Moon's Bird Nest this Chinese New Year!

Chinese New Year is right around the corner. Instead of the usual fizzy or carbonated soft drinks, impress your guests with New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus & Rock Sugar.

They are now having a promotion where a pack of 6 is selling at $19.90 (U.P. $39.80) and a pack of 24 is selling at $49.80 (U.P. $139.60) at selected FairPrice outlets. So each bottle is about $2 only. Plus, they are the big bottle kinds - 150g per bottle. So go stock up now while it is on promo.

This New Moon Bird’s Nest with White Fungus & Rock Sugar is made from superior grade bird's nest, white fungus and rock sugar. It is prepared according to traditional simmering process under modern and strictly controlled methods. You can enjoy it directly from the bottle, chilled or warmed, according to individual preference.

Thank you new moon for sending this over! :)


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