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Islandwide delivery by The Masses, even to Jurong and Sentosa!

The Masses is one of my favourite restaurants to dine at and I've been there many times. Located along Beach Road, Bugis, The Masses serves Frence Cuisine with Asian Inspired Touch at affordable pricing.

They have just launched their delivery platform - and are delivering their hearty Franco-Asian cuisine islandwide, even to Jurong and Sentosa! Self-collection is available too.

1. My ultimate fav - C&C&C&C Pasta ($19.90+)

Although The Masses changes 70% of its menu every 4 months, one thing that has remained constant is the popular C&C&C&C Pasta - Crabmeat, chorizo crumble, caviar, confit lemon & lobster sauce pasta.

This is my must-have everytime I visit the masses. Not only because of the lovely sweet-sour-savoury-salivating flavour (perhaps it should be renamed as S&S&S&S Pasta haha), but also cause of the beautiful presentation.

You may thing that the presentation would be ruined when delivered. But guess what? No! This beautiful & delicious cold pasta came in a gorgeous swirl, the way it is being served at the restaurant. Only difference is that it is in a plastic container la.

2. Takeout/delivery special - The Masses Ramen ($20.90)

The broth looks clear but tasted flavourful and slightly peppery. Together with very springy ramen noodles, ajitsuke, tamago, THICC pork belly, asari clams, duck fat, yuzu & bamboo shoot, this is a really satisfying bowl of ramen.

If you are worried that your ramen will get soggy, fear not as the soup is packed separately from the noodles. Plus, the soup is vacuumed sealed so you need not worry about having less soup due to spillage during takeaway or delivery.

If you prefer to cook your own ramen, you can opt for "The Masses Ramen" at Home Kit where everything ingredient is packed and vacuum sealed separately. So when you are ready to eat, just open them up and follow the instructions on the packaging.

3. Char Siew Lamb Rib ($14.90+)

This is the first time I'm trying this and I'm loving it. This is like the ang moh version of our char siew pork, just that the pork is replaced with super tender lamb rib.

You can further enhance the flavour by pairing it with the mint labneh.

Thank you The Masses for sending these delicious dishes over! :)

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