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So FOOK KIN good!

FOOK KIN 福劲 is a a Roast Meat Restaurant opened by Class 95 DJs Justin Ang and Vernon A (The Muttons), in collaboration with Roast Paradise.

I've heard tons of positive reviews about this place and after trying the food here, I fully agree that FOOK KIN 福劲 is indeed fook kin good!

1. Char Siew & Sio Bak

I love char siew and this is definitely one of the better ones that I've had. There is a nice proportion of fats & meat, and the outer layer is nicely charred and caramelized,

It is slightly sweeter as compared to some other char siews that I've had, but the sweetness is well balanced when eaten with rice. Price: S-$6.80, M-$17.00 L- $34.00, XL- $65.00.

The Sio Bak is also very well done. Though it seems a bit inferior when placed next to the char siew, it is still very tasty and you can hear the crispy crackling sound from every piece. Price: S-$6.80, M-$17.00, L- $34.00, XL- $65.00.

2. Roast Duck

The duck is massaged with 18 different herbs & spices thoroughly before slow roasted using a small charcoal fire. I like that the flavour of the herbs & spices is strong & distinct, and at the same time complements the duck very well.

Price: 1/4 Upper - $12, 1/4 Lower - $16, 1/2 Duck - $26, Whole Duck - $50

Other than roast meat, they offer many other dishes that are great for sharing.

3. Dragon Fruit Prawn Salad

The prawns are deep fried and then coated in a dragon fruit sauce, serve together with some vegetables. Fruity and refreshing, great as an appetizer. Price: $12.80.

4. Golden Lotus Roots Chips

Lotus roots are deep fried till crispy and coated evenly with an in-house salted egg yolk sauce. Very very addictive! Though I would prefer it if the salted egg yolk flavour can be stronger.

Price: $7.80

5. Dry Chilli Chicken (La Zi Ji)

Chicken is deep fried and then fried together with lots of chilli and spices. The spice level is good, but can be spicier. A wonderful dish to go with an ice cold beer.

Price: $12.80

6. Okinawa BBT

Food Kin partners with different brands and offer other brands' products at their store occasionally. This Okinawa BBT is from Puri Puri. The taste is like a brown sugar milk tea, but less sweet and more fragrant. Price: $4.50

Some of you may say that such roast meats are available at a much cheaper price in hawker centres. That is true, but based on the overall food quality and ambience, FOOK KIN 福劲 is one of the few restaurants that I would visit again.

Thank you Fook Kin for having us! :)


111 Killiney Rd,

Singapore 239553

Nearest MRT


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Facebook: fookkinsg

Instagram: @fook.kin


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