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Thalappakatti – Indian restaurant chain with 60 outlets worldwide #FoodMakesCalHappy

Established in 1957, Thalappakatti is a restaurant chain from India that specialises in home-style biryani dishes. Today, they have 60 outlets all over the world in India, France, Dubai, Malaysia, USA, Sri Lanka and yes, Singapore.

Visited the Singapore outlet at 195 Kitchener Road and had a really spicy time.

Mutton Briyani - $15

I’m a big fan of briyani because of the flavourful rice and the yummy combination with spicy Indian curry. It is a simple but super satisfying dish. Although I usually take chicken briyani and I’m not a big fan of mutton, I quite like this mutton briyani.

Organic seeraga samba rice are cooked with baby goat meat and hand-grounded spices. The rice is nicely flavoured and the goat meat is tender. Together with the curry (which is pretty spicy), it is really shiok.

But disclaimer ah, if you are a mutton hater or are sensitive to the “Mutton smell”, try other versions because the mutton do still have some of the gamey taste.

Also, although the portion looks small, this can feed at least 3 people. So do get 1 or 2 friends to share this and not order 1 for each person hor.

Black Pepper Chicken - $11

Chicken are marinated and cooked in an in-house concoction made with whole and crush black pepper. The chickens are tender and tasted great with a strong black pepper flavour. Super shiok!

Paneer Tikka - $12

These paneer (cheese) cubes are coated with a spicy paste before being deep fried. Compare to the rest of the dishes, the spiciness of this is considered pretty mild. A good side for sharing.

Overall, the food at Thalappakatti is good. The pricing is also pretty reasonable. A nice place to enjoy Indian cuisine.


195 Kitchener Road

Singapore 208535

Nearest MRT

Farrer Park (opposite City Square Mall)

Opening Hours

Monday to Sunday, 11am to 11pm


Social Media

IG: @thalappakatti

Thank you Thalappakatti for having me! :)

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